The power of connecting Passion with purpose!

Handmade Jean Swirl Sling Back Flats

I have been thinking for a while about how to write my first Business blog, and I decided to start as my business started... with my heart! 

I am not going to pretend I am an expert at sustainability or the 3 Rs ( recycling, reusing; reusing) or any of the topics I have written in my planning. Nor, I am going to pretend I went through a self-discovery process to find what makes me happy! 

No! I knew what I was passionate about since I was 12 years old! However, what was not clear to me, was the PURPOSE! That came to me, after some stormy years! And here I am ...

I am a woman with passion for life, style, fashion and all the beautiful things in this LIFE! That includes making our world a better place for all living beings! Fashion with Purpose! 

I discovered how fast fashion has been damaging our environment and even the life of many people! Thats why I decided to create my brand ¨Liliana Pardo Atelier!¨ to make a positive impact around me!  

Being aware that  around 1800 gallons of water are used to make a pair of jeans and depending on the composision of the fabric: Cotton synthetic mix /spandex/polyester/etc, it can take between ¨few year to forever¨ to decompose,  I have decided to reuse the fabric. Once the jeans are not good anymore, I can transform them into beautiful comfy Shoes! 

You can participate in the change by donate your jeans, just send me an email and I will take care of them.

Remember to make the world a better place every day! 



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