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Liliana Pardo is a designer driven by her innate passion for empowerment, glamour, sophistication, elegance, and leadership. These vital values have been seamlessly woven into the very fabric of her Canadian brand, forming its DNA and guiding every creation. Originating from Colombia, Liliana's journey has been a harmonious blend of her roots and global experiences. With each design, she seamlessly weaves techniques and exceptional craftsmanship learned during her childhood. This infusion of skill, inspired by the rich artisanal heritage of South America, lends an unmistakable essence to every piece she crafts.

Every masterpiece bearing Liliana Pardo's name is a testament to empowerment, capturing the very essence of her artistic vision. Her designs transcend mere fashion; they emerge as wearable art, each piece embodying her commitment to elegance, leadership, and the transformative power of creativity. Deeply rooted in her Colombian heritage, her designs reflect a synthesis of techniques and inspirations from around the world, resulting in a collection that offers a distinctive and exclusive statement of unparalleled artistry. In each accessory, you can trace the vibrant designs of South America, craftsmanship honed over generations, and a dedication to producing one of a kind and extraordinary pieces.

Creative Director Liliana Pardo
London Chamber of Commerce

Empowering Local Businesses

We're thrilled to share that Liliana Pardo is now a proud member of the Chamber of Commerce in London, Ontario. As a member, we're committed to contributing to the growth of local businesses, fostering economic development, and nurturing a vibrant community spirit. This collaboration empowers us to connect, learn, and collaborate with fellow businesses and community leaders, further aligning with our values of ethical practices, leadership, and positive impact.

Creative Director's Design Process: Your Questions Answered

Insights into the Liliana Pardo's role, inspiration, and collaborations. Discover the visionary journey behind our designs.

Liliana Pardo the Creative Director is the visionary behind our collections. She oversees the design process, from conceptualization to execution, ensuring that each piece aligns with our brand's aesthetic and values.

Liliana draws inspiration from various sources, including art, culture, nature, and personal experiences. Her unique perspective and creative vision shape the distinct character of our creations.

Liliana collaborates closely with our skilled artisans, guiding them through the creative journey. She communicates the design vision, provide guidance on techniques, and ensure the final product reflects the intended aesthetic.

Liliana meticulously oversees every stage of the design process. She engages in sample reviews, quality checks, and adjustments to guarantee that each piece meets our brand's standards of excellence.

Liliana’s passion is the driving force behind our brand's identity. Her dedication to craftsmanship, culture, and creativity imbues each piece with the essence of luxury wearable art, a defining aspect of Liliana Pardo.

Liliana believes in creating pieces that seamlessly blend heritage and modernity. She strives to capture the essence of culture and tradition while infusing contemporary elements, resulting in designs that are both timeless and relevant.

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