The Atelier

At the atelier, three generations of Artisans work together to create stunning handmade pieces. Those pieces are unique and truly pieces of art. However, there are more artisans from different towns all around Colombia. From the north coast of guajira, where the wayu community lives to the center of the Andean mountains, to the jungles in the south.  Our products are a collective of ancestral traditions and ancient wisdom.


Made of cotton threads. Technique used by the Wayuu. This aborigine community lives in the north, Atlantic coast of Colombia. 


Fabric on fabric embroidery. Technique used by the Kuna. This aborigine community is located between Panama and Colombia. 

Roll Basketry

Weaving natural fiber previously tinted. Technique used by artisans of the Andean Mountains of Colombia. 


Fabric on fabric. Technique used at the atelier in Bogota, under the direction of the designer herself.